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The term ''dewatering'' is understood as part of water removal from mixture, suspension or emulsion, thus receiving fraction of solid or liquid material with lower concentration of water.

Dewatering is used in many industries. Sometimes dewatered material is valuable product (forexample in paper, mineral or oil industries); in other cases the biggest value has water itself (as in municipal waste water treatment operations).


But no matter what industry or equipment is used the main factors there attention must be paid is:


• Water quality after dewatering

• Water amount collected during dewatering

• Dryness of dewatered material

• Quality of dewatered material


For industry such us paper, oil or minerals importance of the factors mentioned goes upside down.

For dewatering operations various equipment can be used,

Dewatering equipment where UNAFLOC  brand chemicals are used:


• Centrifuges

• Dewatering fields

• Paper machines

• Belt presses

• Filter presses

• Drum thickeners

• Vacuum filters